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Joan Castell  (Français & English)

Shamanic energetic medicine


In front of a lake in Québec while reading the book "Semence de contemplation" written by Thomas Merton, I screamed loudly  "I do not relate with the original sin". Almost instantly after this annoucement I experienced the most powerful journey ever in this life on Earth. It nourished my soul, body and mind. I flew so far up into the universe, and felt as "one with all that is" for a full week.  After that ecstasy,  I fell into the dark night of the soul for almost 22 years.  I know the feeling of being lost but most of all how to recover from the dark. I am full of gratitude for the work and connection I have today with this group of 12 Shamanic Practitioners. We graduated together from the school of LLankay, Munay, Yachay School of Shamanic Studies in Phoenix AZ USA. Shamanic Practitioners have a way to journey from the visible to the invisible. They can assist you if you need to know more about these sessions or if you need one for yourself or for the loss of loved ones.

I built this website to offer the best of the shamanic teachings and rituals that we received in AZ.


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Lucy McInnes (English & Français)

Shamanic energetic medicine


Hi, my name is Lucy and I am a trained professional life coach.  I work intuitively, receiving messages from spirit, in dreams,  and through synchronistic occurrences. Dreams and synchronicity led me to meet master shaman and teacher, Michelle Karen, and to train with her in LLankay, Munay, Yachay School of Shamanic Studies in Phoenix AZ USA. I travelled with Michelle to the Sacred Valley in Peru to meet the master Q’ero Shamans. I now call myself a shamanic life and soul coach.  Working with spirit guides, I help clients in the three main areas of shamanism: emotional and energetic healing, divination and psychic reading, grief work and dealing with loss.  I can also perform other more specialized interventions with the spirit world.  Message me for details! Right thinking, right heart, right action.

Shamanic Life Coach.  Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy.  Tarot Card Reader.


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Angie Afanador  (English & Español)

Shamanic energetic medicine


In the beginning of 2015 my life went belly up. ...  I wanted so much more.  One day, I went to a Kryon conference where I met Michelle Karen, a quantum astrologer and Shaman who did an astrology reading for me and suggested I joined her LLankay, Munay, Yachay School of Shamanic Studies. This really got my attention because it encompassed most of the things I wanted to learn, like how to honor and connect with the Pachamama (Mother Earth), with animals, with the other side of the veil and to serve others and help raise the energy of the Pachamama. I graduated in January 2020 and I love it.  To date I have done many Shamanic sessions.


Anne Ganey (English)

Shamanic energetic medicine


I am an intuitive coach and consultant. I’ve been doing energy and healing work for over 30 years years and graduated from the  LLankay, Munay, Yachay School of Shamanic Studies.  I work with intuition, shamanic practices, energy and spiritual guidance to help a person restore balance and harmony in their life. We work together to  realize practical solutions which work with your life and serve your highest good; to restore you to harmony. These sessions clear barriers and bring new insights that move you forward.  “I believe each of us is here for a reason. My work is to help you return to balance and harmony so you can bring your unique gifts to the world.”

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Certified Sixth Sensory Professional and Ordained Interfaith Minister.


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Nina Soyfer  (English & русский)

Shamanic energetic medicine


I am Dr. Nina Soyfer a peruvian Shamanic Practitioner initiated from the Q'ero  LLankay, Munay, Yachay School of Shamanic Studies, reiki master, graduate in channeling from The University of Light, and a Doctor of Philosophy. My Shamanic Roots go back many lifetimes.


And now I work with people online.

Please contact me for further information.

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Clint Pickney   (English)

Shamanic energetic medicine


As a life coach, I leverage inherent empathy to establish deep understanding of my clients' life situations, and intuitively provide frameworks and tools to overcome persistent obstacles and heal past traumas once and for all. As such, my solutions are unique to each client, and because we address underlying energy patterns, results are typically long-lasting. My clients reap the benefit of decades of philosophical and ancient alchemical studies, as well as my certification from the LLankay, Munay, Yachay School of Shamanic Studies. If you are looking for a coach who will meet you where you are and assist you in creating the life you've been dreaming about, contact me; it could be your first step toward a new, vibrant, powerful you!

Intuitive Life Coach and Shamanic Practitioner   


Contact :  

Jill McKay   (English)

Shamanic energetic medicine


Hy my name is Jill McKay.  All my life I have been passionate about the power of healing and the study of ancient healing methods. This has lead me on the path of Shamanism. I felt that for my spiritual development, this would enable me to gain a more complete understanding of the great mysteries and attain higher knowledge and wisdom.

I received my Rites of Initiation from the Q’ero LLankay, Munay, Yachay School of Shamanic Studies under their direct Linage.

Through the study and application of Shamanism, I learned the primary focus is on vibrational methods of healing and the luminous energy field. This involves clearing longstanding imprints in the energy field and the chakra system with use of ancient ceremonies and practices. By changing the matrix of the patterns and associated stories, I can promote a fuller and more productive life.

Jody McKechnie-Lewis  (English)

Shamanic energetic medicine


I am a Shamanic Practitioner initiated at LLankay, Munay, Yachay School of Shamanic Studies in the traditions and lineage of the Q’ero, Neuro-Transformational Life Coach, and Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master teacher.  My passion is to help women connect back to themselves.  I specialize in helping women build a healthier relationship with themselves, in order to relieve them of toxic relationships, stressful careers, and hectic life schedules.  I help women learn to trust their higher self so that they may live their lives in the most authentic way possible, and learn to build healthy relationships.  I empower women to embrace their relationship with themselves so that they may teach the next generation how to live authentic, healthy, stress-free lives. 

Shamanic Practitioner & Life Coach  


Contact: / Phone: 618.781.9217 

Vadim Saveliev  (English & русский)

Shamanic energetic medicine


I am an intuitive healer specializing in  helping my clients to build emotional resilience, restore their ability to adapt to stressful situations and life changes, become more aware of their emotions and using them as guidance to transform and adapt to difficult situations in their life. Upon graduation from LLankay, Munay, Yachay School of Shamanic Studies, I received initiations in the Q’ero shamanic tradition.


Mary E Racek 

Shamanic energetic medicine


Robin Eaton   (English)

Shamanic energetic medicine


I’m an intuitive teacher, shaman, and coach for the Soul.  I was initiated in the Q’ero traditions and lineage through the LLankay, Munay, Yachay School of Shamanic Studies.  I hold multiple certificates as a Master Neuro-Transformational Coach and a Reiki Master Teacher.  I’m also an empath, an oracle, and intuitive.

I’ve been in tune with the spirit world as long as I can remember, bridging the invisible and visible, the spiritual and the practical, for over 30 years.  When you listen to your intuition and follow the guidance of your own Soul, the world unfolds to embrace you.

I work with powerful coaches, leaders, and healers to create a deep trust in themselves which creates freedom and growth in their business ventures, their personal relationships, their spiritual connection, and zest for life!

Together we will create the sacred space so that you may experience the truth of your being and the freedom of your Soul.

Contact: /  Phone: 515-850-6789

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I live in the mountains surrounded by forest, water, and exuberant wildlife. I have a tangible relationship with wild animals.  My calling is to fathom the connection between spirit and nature. I do not have a human practice so I list no contact information.


Since the early 1970s I’ve participated in authentic indigenous Shamanic ritual on four continents. I attended  LLankay, Munay, Yachay School of Shamanic Studies to deepen my understanding of pristine human nature and inseverable spirituality.  I found kindred spirits there; more than I would ever have imagined.  Their energies return home with me to my forest life.     

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